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    Interactive Seminar with Mr.Brian Jamison Fouss - Consular Chief, US Consulate on Visa related issues.

    Seminar on "Kaizen & 5S" by Mr.Y.Gopal Rao, Vice President-Operations at Kusalava International Ltd.

    A Meeting with Mr.Anil Kumar, Regional Secretary, ACMA, Chennai-- Discussions on Industrial Policy.

    Workshop conducted on "Empowerment" by Dr.G.V.Rao, MD, MpowerMe, Dubai.
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The Andhra Chambers of
Commerce and Industry Federation

Andhra Chambers of Commerce and Industry Frederation

The Andhra Chambers of commerce and Industry Federation (Andhra Chamber) established in 2000 as a chamber of commerce presently representing the whole state of Andhra Pradesh. It is strategically located at Vijayawada, the center of the New Andhra state the proposed State capital and hub of the state’s economic and political spectrum. The chamber has a three tier membership, representing industry, Trade and service. The chamber has relentlessly pursued the agenda of identifying business opportunities & ... keep reading


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